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I first fell in love with this label when I discovered it in a little boutique in Balmain, Sydney, where designer Johnny Schembri was living at the time. There was this incredible mini skirt that was made out of that colourful woven rug that you probably had on your kitchen floor! It was innovative, unique, and the price point was amazing. I bought every By Johnny piece in the store that day, and when I came back a couple weeks later I found out the label was on pause while Johnny was off filming Project Runway Australia!! He (obviously) became a crowd favourite of the show. 

Years later, By Johnny has become one of Australia's favourite labels. He runs the label with his sister Renee, and together they are two of the nicest, most genuine poeple I've met in fashion. 

True to his roots, Johnny still experiments with fabrics, often engineering his own fabrics such as the scuba-like foam bonded jersey that sits so well on the body, or this textured crepe unlike anything I've seen, or the selt belt fabric you find in your car! The prints are all designed by Johnny himself, sometimes drawn in his sketch book or designed in photoshop. And the fits! Having grown up making clothes for his sister Renee since the age of 10, Johnny definitely knows how to fit a womans body. 

Get in By Johnny if you're look for something sophisticated and feminine, but structural and innovative. It's guaranteed to be a killer piece to turn heads!

- Han x 

Stalk his insta: @by_johnny

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