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There's a good reason as to why all my favourite pairs of denim are by Neuw. Put simply, they're comfy AF, they fit like a second skin and the denim quality feels super solid.  This is because the creators of Neuw Denim, Par Lundqvist, Richard Bell and Stephen Little, are all denim connoisseurs. Meaning they spent years learning everything they can about denim, travelling, collecting and examining every detail of thousands of vintage garments that had endured the tough test of time in mines, on fields and on big city streets. From this research and the inspiration of vintage denim, Neuw adapts their details, fabrics and patterns to be relavant for right now, calling this process vintage revision. The denims are affectionately named after some of their favourite denim icons, such as the Iggy's based on Iggy Pop or the Marilyn's based on Marilyn Monroe.

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