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Zulu & Zephyr. As bona-fide beach lovers, we bring you a harmony of old and new ideas in fashion — like peeking through your mother’s cozzie drawer in the 70’s, relaxed silhouettes and bold, statement pieces make for memorable Zulu & Zephyr moments. Unique prints, textured fabrics, clever design and high quality manufacturing are at the forefront of our vision.

Swim and beachwear that is effortless and vivid, tiptoeing along the feminine and fun side of coastal fashion. Striving to bring the pacific girl a collection of pieces that are made for the sun, the salt and the sea.

Check out Zulu & Zephyr collection below.

Stalk their insta: @zuluandzephyr

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Exposure Maxi Dress // White
From $90.00 $130.00
Patio Skirt // Stripe
From $110.00 $160.00
Retreat Short // Musk
From $50.00 $130.00
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