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Mere Footwear

Mere shoes cannot help you fly, or live underwater. Nor will they help you find love, or a cheeky one night stand. Our shoes can't bring world peace, or stop famine. They cannot even take you back in time. Our shoes simply are what they are ...mere shoes.

Our unique look is due to time and effort spent in developing hand shaped lasts, that provide the individual shape and style in our shoes. Authenticity, quality, and attention to detail are all part of the mindset and the essence of the brand.

Mere is a Sydney based footwear label that is hand crafted in Vietnam & designed by James Noakes. We are proud of every stitch , detail and carefully sourced material that has helped to create our shoes.


Stalk their insta: @merefootwear

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Copper // Ash
Mere Footwear Copper

$59.00 $170.00

Copper // Ash

$59.00 $170.00

Mere is a progressive leather footwear and accessories label based in Sydney. This casual and sophisticated low cut shoe comes with 100% leather upper and leather outsole.
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